How Do I Link My PayPal Account?

Set up PayPal and add PayPal personal or business accounts so that your customers can efficiently complete payments for a better shopping experience. You can also turn on the PayPal Express Checkout option to increase conversion rates.


1.Start here:SHOPLAZZA admin > Settings > Payment channels > PayPal


2.Link personal account

  • Check  PayPal account permissions and confirm that your personal PayPal account is not restricted. Accounts that are not activated by email may have account restrictions. If your account is restricted, check your email to see if it’s activated.

  • Create a New App on PayPal.

  • Enter PayPal Apps page. Click the created App name to redirect to the App editing page, click “Live” in the upper right corner, and click “show” under Secret to obtain your Client ID and Secret.

  • Log into your PayPal account, visit PayPal settings to get your Merchant ID.

  • Edit your Client ID, Secret, and Merchant ID on SHOPLAZZA to activate PayPal.


3.Link business account

  • Select business account and confirm PayPal activation.

  • Redirect to PayPal to authorize the login, and your account will be linked to your SHOPLAZZA store once login is successful.

  • If the activation is successful, click Activated. If the activation fails, you can choose to retry or close the pop-up window.

  • Select Activated and confirm. After activating successfully, the checkout page will display PayPal as a payment method.
📘 Note:
Since PayPal does not support Chinese accounts to pay for purchases in China, you can contact users located outside of China to place orders on your store to ensure the usability of the linked PayPal account.Frequently Asked Questions: Customers use eCheck. Due to the long transfer cycle for international transfers, inconsistencies with the store order status could occur. You can choose to set up eCheck if it isn’t available.
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