How Do I Set Up Image SEO?

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > App store > Marketing > Image SEO


2.Set up the ALT text template and click “Save”.

📘 Tips:
  • The Alt attribute and Alt tag are used to explain an image. They are used to define the image when the image cannot be displayed for some reason.
  • Images are harder for search engines to understand than text. As search engines crawl web content, Alt tags help them to understand images and related web pages. If your images contain accurate Alt tags, the chances of search engines including your images in their search index are increased. In addition, search engines process Alt tags for linked images just as they do anchor text in text links.
  • Be sure to use Alt tags on all images, whether they are library images or original images.


3.You’re done setting up once you’ve filled in the template.


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