How Do I Set Up Omnisend?

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin >> App store >> Marketing >> Omnisend


2.Go to to complete the account registration and log in.


3.On the "Get Started" page, click  "Connect store" to continue.


4.Select “Other” to connect the store.


5.Enter your store URL.


6.Obtain the account ID (Omnisend ID) and go back to the SHOPLAZZA admin to enter the account ID.


7.Go back to the Omnisend website and locate the store settings.


8.Click “ Integrations & API” > “API keys”.


9.Click “CREATE API KEY”. After entering the name, click “SAVE” to generate the API key.


10.Copy the API key and go back to SHOPLAZZA admin to enter it. Click “Save” to start using Omnisend.

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