Analytic Metrics

Section Metrics The meaning of the data at the selected time
Key metrics Vistors Unique visitors who paid a visit to the store
Orders The number of orders placed.
Total sales Total cash amount of orders placed
Returns The total amount of orders refunded
Conversion rate number of orders/visitor count
General metrics Conversion funnel Percentage of visitors who placed orders.Visitors: unique visitors who paid a visit to the storeAdd to cart: unique visitors who added products to their cartReached checkout: customers who reached checkout or clicked “Buy now” to enter the checkout page.Add payment info: customers who filled in payment information.Vistors converted: orders placed successfully.
Average order value Total sales revenue /Total number of orders
Top products by units sold Top 6 products sold by unit
Top location by order placed Top 6 countries /regions ranked by orders placed
Visitors by device type Percentage of visitors by device type (devices that fall outside of existing categories will be classified as others).
Visitors by traffic source Percentage of visitors by traffic source, visitors who fall outside of existing traffic sources are classified as others.
Product views rank Top 6 products by times viewed.
Top landing pages by pageview Top 6 landing pages by times viewed, the landing page is the first page that visitors visit after entering the website.
Orders by devices Once customers reach checkout, the percentage of devices that cannot be identified will be classified as others.
Conversion by the source of interactions The times at which orders were placed and the percentage of orders ranked by the source of interactions, orders that cannot be identified are classified as others.

Top searches Top 6 keywords ranked by times searched. Click “see details” for more.
Payments by method Payment method ranked by percentage of all payments
Top products by add-to-cart Top 6 products added to cart.
Visitors by location Top 5 countries/regions by visitors count. No. 6 and beyond will be classified as others.
Bounce rate sessions abandoned after visiting one page/all sessions which started on the page.
Returning customer rate Percentage of customers who placed more than one order.Returning customer: customers who ordered more than onceFirst time purchase: customers who ordered once
Converted visitors by location Top 5 countries/regions by orders placed, no. 6 and beyond will be classified as others.
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