How to View Real-time Data?

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Analytics > Real-time data


2.Drag to reposition map, use “+” and “-” buttons to zoom in or out.


Key Indicators Content
Live vistor count Total visitors count from the last 10 minutes. To keep active, visitors need to interact with the webpage (e.g. click a link)
Total orders Total order counts from last 10 minutes
Total sales Total sales revenue count from last 10 minutes
Customer behavior Tracks visitors who added items to shopping cart, checked out, and completed orders (refreshed every minute).Add to cart: tracks visitors who added items to their cart within the last 10 minutes.Check out: tracks visitors who reached checkout page by clicking Checkout or Buy Now within last 10 minutes.Order placed: tracks visitors who successfully placed an order within last 10 minutes.
Vistor count per minute Total visitor count from the last 10 minutes is refreshed every minute. The last column displays the current visitor count.
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