Add Multiple Variants

Merchants can add more than one variant and 3 options to a product.  The options may vary from product to product. For example, one product can use size, color, and style, and another product can use weight, finish, and material.

Adding variants to a product

1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Products > All products, click on the Create product button.

2. After you've created your product, head over to the Media and Variants section and on the bottom of the window, choose the Multiple variants option to enable the feature.  Once enabled, click on the Add options button to add variants.

3. A window will pop up on the right side of your screen.  Here you will enter the name and variant value. For example, the name can be “Size”, and the variant value can be “XS”, “S”, “M”, etc.

  • You can add up to three attributes for your product. If you need to add more than one option, click on the Add option button.  Once you're done, go ahead and click on Confirm.

4. By clicking on the Image required option, you can upload images for each of the variants you've created by clicking on the + icon as shown below.

5. You can reorganize the columns according to your order of preference by clicking on the Edit header as shown below.

6. When you're done editing, click Save to put the changes into effect.

creating a new product

1. Three options are presented here.

  • Image required: when adding a combination of variants to a product, a photo is required for this product variant
  • Note required: When adding a combination of variants to a product, a description is required to specify this product variant.
  • Inventory tracking: When adding a combination of variants to a product, the system will validate your real-time inventory.


2. If Inventory tracking is chosen for your variants, additional options are provided:

  • Stop selling when out of stock: Products become unavailable when they are out of stock.
  • Continue selling when out of stock: customers can still submit orders regardless of whether the product is out of stock or not.
  • Set as draft when out of stock: Published products become saved drafts when they are out of stock.


3. In Add options, you can add up to 3 attributes. For each attribute, you can create options for one version of the product.


4. Assign images from your added photos in the Media column.


5. There are editing options here for you to manage your variants:

  • Add variant: click to add another variant.
  • Edit options: edit your current product attributes or add more options for this product
  • Replace options attribute: replace applied attributes with a new option in Edit attribute oronly edit each option value with Replace option values.



You can edit in bulk or remove any product attribute from the editing panel.

Now you've completed adding your first product variant, you can use this as a reference to manage all your products. Remember to save your edits by clicking on the Save button.

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