How Do I Set Up a Shipping Profile?

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Settings > Shipping > Manage shipping rates > Shipping profile


2.Click “Add regional solutions” to set up.


3.Enter a regional shipping solution name.


4.Create shipping zones.

  • To change the selected country or region, click the change button to specify the shipping range to the specified state/province.
  • Click the delete button to delete the country/region from the shipping profile.


5.Add shipping rates.

  • Enter the name and description.
  • Add shipping conditions.
  • Check whether cash on delivery is available
  • Manage shipping rates (Fixed or First + Additional).


📘 Note:
  • The name of the regional shipping solution will not be displayed to customers.
  • The name of the shipping profile will be displayed to customers.
  • Shipping profile supports setting three shipping solutions. You can choose to set one or more shipping solutions. If multiple shipping solutions are set, SHOPLAZZA will calculate and display all shipping solutions that apply to an order for customers to choose from when they check out.
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