How Do I Set Up Tax Rates?

1.Click "All products" in "Products", select the taxable product to enter the product details page.



2.Activate "Selected product is taxable" to continue.



3.Go to “Settings” > “Taxes” > “Tax rate settings”



4.Select the country/region and click to edit the tax rate.



5.Set up the country/region rate or the regional rate.



📘 Note:
  • Shipping solutions must be set before setting the tax rate. The tax rate can be set based on the countries/regions added to the shipping solutions.
  • If the regional tax rate is not set separately, the country /region tax rate shall prevail.
  • If a regional tax rate is set separately, the regional tax rate prevails.
  • If you select "Other Countries/regions" in the shipping solutions, all countries/regions where your products are shipping to will be taxable. If you choose Europe in your shipping solutions, the product will only be charged tax when shipping to European customers.
  • Reference for tax rate setting: tax = tax rate x actual price of the product. For example, if the product's actual price is $1.00 and the tax rate is 20%, additional tax will be charged $0.20 (to two decimal points).
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