How to make your Google account a GMC admin

1.Why GMC admin authorization is necessary?

Only when your Google account has the admin authority of the associated GMC, Shoplazza can detect whether the GMC shipping and taes have been set,and then the main functions such as store pre-check, product review can take effect normally.



Contact any admin of the GMC you want to bind, only the admin can authorize other people admin roles

Wait for the admin to authorize your account as another admin in GMC, the steps is as follows:

  • Use the admin account to log in GMC

  • In the admin account, click Settings>Account access

  • Find the account that requires admin roles (at this time the account roles are Standard) and click

  • On the preference page of the account, select admin authorization and save

Authorization is successful, return to Shoplazza and re-associate with GMC


📘 Tips:
Contact any administrator of the GMC, send him the link to this document, and let him follow the demo to find your account and add administrator privileges.
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