One-Click Migration|Move Products from Shopline & Xshoppy to Shoplazza

Unlock new growth opportunities and enhance your product management capabilities on Shoplazza by utilizing the One-Click Migration app. This app quickly transfers your product listings from Shopline and Xshoppy platforms to your Shoplazza store, making the migration process straightforward and efficient.


For users searching for the app in the App Store, it is listed under its Chinese name "一键搬家". You can directly search for "一键搬家" in the App Store or follow this link   to navigate to its page for easy access.

Installing the App

1. Access the App Store: From your Shoplazza Admin > Apps, click Visit App Store.

2. Find the app: Enter the app name 一键搬家   in the search box and click on Add app.

3. Install the app: Click the Install app to complete the app installation.

Migrating your website

1. Choose your migration source: Inside the app, choose Shopline or Xshoppy as your starting platform.

2. Understanding Supported Migration Content: Currently, the app supports migrating only product information. Here are the details:

From Shopline to Shoplazza:

  • Products tracking inventory on Shopline will appear as available in Shoplazza.
  • Products without images on Shopline will remain imageless in Shoplazza.
  • Products designated as physical or taxable will retain these settings.
  • A limit of 3 options per product is set for migration.
  • Product categories are not eligible for migration.

From Xshoppy to Shoplazza:

  • Similar limitations on image availability, option limits, and category migration apply as with Shopline.

3. Initiate Migration: Click the One-Click Migration button to start the migration process.

4. Select Your File: Choose the product spreadsheet you have previously exported from Shopline or Xshoppy.


Spreadsheet must be in CSV format and not exceed 40 MB in size.

5. Import the File: Select your file and click Open to begin upload.

6. Wait for Completion: The import duration varies based on the number of products. You can minimize the window and continue adjusting other store settings while the import runs in the background.

7. Completion Message: Once finished, you'll receive a message detailing the number of successfully imported products and any failures, identified by SKU counts.


Should there be any issues with the import criteria, contacting Shopline or Xshoppy support for assistance with your product data is recommended.

This structured approach ensures a smooth transition of your product listings to Shoplazza, simplifying inventory management on a new platform and leveraging Shoplazza's extensive e-commerce functionalities.

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