How do I resolve a domain issue in Alibaba Cloud DNS?

Resolving a domain name in Alibaba Cloud DNS is a key step to connect your domain to a specific IP address or another domain, essential for users to access your website via the domain name. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you set it up.


1. Log In to Alibaba Cloud DNS Console

  • Access the Alibaba Cloud DNS Console   and navigate to the domain name resolution page. Under the authoritative domain tab, click on DNS Settings next to your target domain.

2. Add an A Record

  • On the DNS Settings page, click on Add DNS Record. Choose 'A' as the Record Type to point your domain to an IPv4 address.
  • Input '@' as the Hostname and enter '' as the Record Value.
  • Refer to Add an A Record   for detailed guidance.

3. Set Up a CNAME Record

  • Return to the DNS Settings page and click on Add DNS Record.
    • Select 'CNAME' as the Record Type for domain redirection.
    • Set 'www' as the Hostname and '' as the Record Value.
    • Visit Add a CNAME Record   for further information.

4. Verify Resolution Status

  • Go back to the Domain Name Resolution page to check the status of your records. A normal status means the setup is successful. If issues arise, double-check your host records and values.


If you encounter any problems or need updates during the setup, contact Alibaba Cloud support through phone or live chat   for assistance.

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