Adding a TikTok Pixel

In today's digital marketing landscape, leveraging tools like the TikTok Multi Pixel app   can significantly enhance your online advertising strategies. This app, available through the Shoplazza app store  , utilizes advanced technology for data tracking, offering insights to improve your advertising impact. This guide will help you seamlessly integrate a TikTok Pixel into your Shoplazza admin, a straightforward process that brings a wealth of benefits to your marketing efforts. Keep in mind that obtaining a TikTok Pixel ID is necessary before starting this guide.


1. From your Shoplazza admin > Apps, click Visit App store.

2. Search the Multi TikTok Pixels App   and click Add app to your store.

3. The app will automatically launch once installed. Simply click Add to proceed.

4. Name your pixel and paste in the TikTok Pixel ID you obtained from TikTok Ads Manager.

5. Choose to enable or disable the Event API and Advanced Matching according to your needs. Finalize your settings by clicking Confirm.

6. In the app's management list, you have the flexibility to view, edit, or delete your pixels.

Integrating a TikTok Pixel is a strategic move for any marketer aiming to utilize data-driven insights for optimizing online advertising. This simple addition can significantly boost your campaign's engagement and results, marking a smart step in your digital marketing journey.

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