DSWinning User Manual

DSWinning is a dropshipping app created to streamline our users' dropshipping experience. This user manual will help you get familiar with DSWinning and set up your dropshipping business.

Compare products

One key and unique feature of DSWinning is it analyzes all product information, such as profit margins, prices, and shipping, from major shopping platforms, allowing users to compare and find their winning products in the most efficient way possible.

Compare similar products

When you find a product you want to sell in your store and want to know if it is at its best price, DSWinning can provide you with information about all similar products, helping you find the one with the best price, fastest shipping, or both!

1. DSWinning homepage > Compare Product > VS > Click on "Compare Similar Products"

2. Product details of all similar products will be organized and shown to you.

Compare selected products

You can also compare any products of your choice.

1. DSWinning homepage > Compare Product > VS > Click on "Add to Comparison," you can add two or more items to comparison at the same time.

2. Compare # Items > Click on "Compare Now"

3. Product details of all selected products will be organized and shown to you.

Push products to your store

Step 1: Add products to the product list

1. Go to DSWinning homepage > Click on any products you want to sell in your store > Click on "Import to Product List"

After adding a product to the product list, you can find it in the "Product List" section on the menu bar on the left.

Step 2: Import products to your store

1. Product List > select one or more products > Click on "Push to store"

2. Click on the "Push" button and the products will be imported to your store right away.

You can edit the product description and selling price at Shoplazza admin > Products

View your orders

Shoplazza admin

When a customer places an order at your store, an unfulfilled order will be generated at your Shoplazza admin with a payment status of "Unpaid."

1. Shoplazza admin > Orders > Unfulfilled > Unfulfilled Order

2. You can click on any order that you want to view along with the order details.

DSWinning admin

At the same time, an awaiting payment order will be generated at the DSWinning admin.

1. You can view the order by logging in to your DSWinning account > go to Orders > Awaiting payment

Fulfill your orders

1. To fulfill your customer's order, go to DSWinning Orders > Awaiting payment > Click on "Pay now"

2. After confirming all order details are correct, click on "Pay now"

3. To complete the payment process, you need to register an account with the corresponding supplier and connect it with DSWinning.

4. Once payment is complete, your supplier will take care of the rest of the fulfillment. Any updates to the order will be synced to your DSWinning account. You can always check the order status and details in DSWinning Orders > Click on "View detail"

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