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Shoplazza comes with a built-in Gallery section that you can use to create a gallery for your products in the theme editor. Creating a gallery section for your store is a great idea to showcase your products. Your customers can browse through the products you choose to display. These image galleries can be embedded with images and can be linked to other media types for customers to learn more about them.
In this article, we will demonstrate how to add a Gallery section in Nova 2022.

Creating a Gallery section

1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to Online store > Themes > And click the Customize button.

2. Once in the theme editor, click the Add section to see more available sections for this theme.

3. Add the Gallery section under the theme sections.

4. If you would like to reposition the Gallery section, use the Drag indicator to place it anywhere on the layout, then click it to set it up.

5. Customize the text of the heading.

6. Enable full page width to let the images show fully.

7. Here you can choose the number of images per row on mobile or desktop.

8. Enable the carousel to hide more rows and can show the navigation arrows on the button.

Section padding

1. The padding editor is used to generate extra space around the section you create. Activate the "linkage icon" and type a value (measured in pixels) in any of the 4 columns to add buffers around the section, or you may manually adjust each input by disabling the "linkage icon" in the centered area.

2. The screenshot below is an example of using 100px spacing on each side.

3. Here, you can select a preview on desktop or mobile.

4. The gallery section comes with 6 default blocks to insert images. You may click on each block to edit its properties.

5. You can delete an entry by clicking Remove block in an image block.


1. Here, Add an image to your gallery by selecting Select image.

2. Upload the image you would like to use for this product here.  If you have images that you uploaded previously, you will find them here.

Assigning Target links

1. Under the Link section, click Select link target to redirect customers to other pages. Here you have the option of linking the clickable images to other pages of your store, e.g., Home, Collections, Products, etc.

Once you're done editing your Gallery section, click Save draft to continue editing later, or the Publish button to have your gallery section go live.

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