Merchant Onboarding Guide

This guide outlines all the steps that you need to take to get started with Shoplazza. These steps will help guide you create, publish, and promote your online store.

Start Selling at Shoplazza with these Six Steps

Step 1: Add products  

  • Add products
  • Create collections
  • Create/Import reviews

Step 2: Shipping Setup  

  • Shipping profile
  • Shipping zone    
  • Shipping rate

Step 3: Add a billing account  

  • Password protection
  • Shoplazza plans and fees

Step 4: Payment setup  

  • Choose the suitable payment method
  • Add payment service providers
  • Use the bogus gateway to test orders

Step 5: Theme Setup  

  • Choose the right theme
  • Understand the theme editor
  • What is a card and how to use it?   
  • Tips from our experts

Step 6: Marketing and Promotion Management  

  • Easy access to the Google Merchant Center
  • Social commerce platforms
  • Promotion management tools
  • Free marketing apps

We have covered six essential steps on how you can start selling at Shoplazza. After completing all steps, now it’s time to publish your store and be ready to celebrate your first sale.

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