How to disable auto-translate for page titles with Multilingual settings?

You scale your business and expand it internationally with marketing strategies for different regions and moreover, serve customers all over the world in your one-stop storefront with the help of Multilingual settings. These settings may change the language displayed on your page entirely and here is a demonstration of how to make some parts still remain in the language you prefer.

  • In the reference below, the displayed language of text changes when another language is selected from the drop down menu with Multilingual settings enabled.mceclip0.png
  • You may program and change the coding in Online Store > Themes > Click the ellipsis icon and select Edit code from the dropdown menu to make a certain section of text remain in the language you prefer and not affected by the Multilingual settings app when a customer manually changes the language when viewing your store.mceclip1.png


  1. Type in theme.liquid and click the file under layout
  2. Use CMD + F as a keyboard shortcut and type title in the search box to quickly locate these characters.
  3. Add class=notranslate in the referred section below.
  4. Click Save to finish.mceclip2.png
  • Final effect:mceclip3.png
  • Comparison of the coded section:
    • Originalmceclip4.png
    • Codedmceclip5.png
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