Order disputes

When a customer is having issues with a specific transaction and payment of your orders is collected through Paypal or Stripe, your customers will potentially file a dispute case with their payment provider payment providers. To help facilitate this process, Shoplazza has integrated a Dispute feature as your one-stop solution for all your disputed orders.

The Shoplazza Order dispute provides a more timely-efficient and convenient way of responding to customer orders that requires more attention. You are able to filter, view and resolve disputes directly via your Shoplazza Admin without logging into your PayPal/Stripe account.

You can find all related dispute order information via your Shoplazza Admin.

1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to Orders > Dispute to see an overview of any disputed orders in your store.  This displays details such as dispute type, status, and the reasoning for the disputes.


  • Case ID: Case ID from PayPal & Stripe.
  • Payment channel: Dispute information from PayPal and Stripe, click the filter icon to display only from Paypal or Stripe.


  • Order ID:  Order ID via Shoplazza.
  • Linked channel account: Your account via PayPal & Stripe.
  • Reason: Reason for disputing.
  • Status:  Current status for this order dispute.
    • PayPal order dispute statuses
    • Stripe order dispute statuses
  • Filling date: initiated date of this dispute case.
  • Last update date: the last update received.
  • Due date: Last effective day to process a case.
  • Amount: The specific amount involved in a case.
  • Action: To view or act on a case. Eg. Tracking disputed orders from PayPal


All PayPal/Stripe disputes are only viewable from your Shoplazza Admin, to respond to a dispute, claim or chargeback, please visit the corresponding payment service provider.

PayPal order dispute

Your customer may choose to file a dispute with their payment provider. For example:

  • Inconsistent description of product/service, the item/service is not as described.
  • Transactions were not authorized.
  • Failure to process refunds or credit.
  • The consumer was incorrectly charged on their orders.
  • Incorrect amount was charged.

PayPal dispute types

  • Client dispute:

If the purchased item/service has not been delivered or is inconsistent with the product description, a customer may file a Dispute case within 180 days after the purchase. The buyer may directly contact you via your Shoplazza storefront. For instance, the buyer may ask for a refund, return of an item, or rearrangement of delivery.

Within these cases, Paypal does not actively participate nor is directly involved with decision-making. However, with Paypal interventions, a seller or buyer must escalate the dispute to a claim within 20 calendar days after opening the dispute.

  • Claim process:
    • If neither the buyer nor the seller agrees to settle, either party may escalate the dispute to a claim within 20 calendar days after opening the dispute. When you escalate dispute to a claim , you are asking Paypal to make a decision on the claim in accordance with the terms of the PayPal User Agreement .
    • You need to escalate to a claim within 20 calendar days after opening the dispute or the dispute will be automatically closed. Once a dispute is closed, it’s not possible to re-open it or escalate it to a claim.
  • Credit card chargeback:
    • A chargeback is an action taken by a bank to reverse electronic payments. You may apply additional documentation of proof to file a dispute with Paypal. Paypal will represent you in negotiations with the credit card company, who makes the decision.

Managing PayPal dispute orders

1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to Orders > Paypal dispute to overview all dispute order information including dispute type, status, and specific reasons for the dispute.


2. Select to review specific information of the order.


3. On the actions page, you may refer to the timeline and respond to the other party in respect of dispute cases. The case will be closed automatically if you issue a full refund to consumers at any point in this process. Seller may mark a case as "resolved" if both parties are satisfied with the results of the case.


4. Either party may escalate the dispute to a claim within 20 calendar days after opening the dispute. Paypal will then make a decision solely in accordance with the terms of the PayPal User Agreement . Here, you are given the options to:

  • Issue full refund
  • Make offer
  • Escalate to PayPal
  • Refer to this order via Redirect to Paypal


PayPal order dispute statuses

The table below outlines the PayPal order dispute statuses:


All cases


unclosed dispute cases

Awating response

Cases need to be replied to

Require other party's action

waiting for responses from the other party

Under Paypal review

Paypal will conduct a review and make a decision based on documentation of proof from both parties


You may make an appeal to the case within 10 days of the decision being made


Closed cases


To act on a case as merchants

You may act accordingly to different stages of a case:

  • Dispute case:
    • Sending a message to the buyer (initiator of this dispute)
    • Issue a refund
    • Escalate dispute to claim
    • Confirmation of returns
  • File a claim:
    • Accept the claim
    • Documentation of proof
    • Additional resources
    • Make an appeal

Stripe order dispute

You can only review Stripe dispute details via Shoplazza. Please visit Stripe to manage your dispute orders.

To learn more about Stripe's dispute categories, please refer to here .

Managing disputed orders from Stripe

1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to Orders > Dispute > select Stripe to review disputed order information, including dispute types, statuses, and specific reason for this dispute.

2. Clicking on View will allow you to manage a specific disputed order.

3. You can easily review the details of disputed orders by clicking on each disputed transaction. For instance, if there is a dispute related to an "unauthorized transaction," you will have access to precise information such as the disputed amount, transaction number, buyer details, and the original transaction amount. Additionally, you can check the current processing stage to determine the appropriate course of action based on Stripe's decision. This may involve issuing refunds or uploading relevant evidence documents as necessary.

Stripe dispute statuses

Warning: needs response

Waiting for response confirmation from the merchant.

Warning: under review

Pre-warning status that the case may be under review

Warning: closed

Pre-warning status that the case may be closed.

Waiting for buyer response

Waiting for confirmation from consumers.

Under review

The dispute case is under review


Payment has been refunded.

Chargeback won

Chargeback is defended from the customer's end. This status indicates that a chargeback is withdrawn from the customer.

Chargeback lost

Chargeback is defended from the customer's end, but the cardholder/issuing bank has declined the chargeback materials.

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