How to Set up the Cart Page for the theme Wind?

The shopping car page includes the following 3 sections:

    1. Summary of the products a customer has placed in their cart
    2. Pricing breakdown of each item
    3. Checkout button to direct customers to checkout page.

The shopping cart page consists of shopping cart/shopping cart recommendation sections. Merchants may customize each block with text on the shopping cart page to enhance the consumer shopping experience and boost sales. You may also insert a text section to display marketing content, such as coupon information.

Set up the Cart Page

  1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Online stores > Themes.
  2. Navigate to the theme Wind and click Customize to enter the built theme editor.

  3. From the dropdown menu located at the top middle section where the theme editor header is, click Cart.

  4. Customize the Checkout page settings in the editor sidebar. Add/remove sections and customize the settings of each section.
  5. Click Save draft or Publishon the top right corner of your screen to complete the setup.

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