How to Set up the Header?

In the Wind theme the head consists of two parts:

  • Announcement section - the merchant can customize the announcement text, add links and/or add a countdown timer.
  • Header section - the merchant can customize the logo image and size, and add a navigation menu, search box and other features. Menu label, Mega menu and Mega menu with sidebar can be added through Add block.

Merchants can customize announcements such as “discount on all products” or “free shipping” to notify all store visitors and boost sales. Merchants can also add a countdown timer to create urgency. By utilizing the Menu label, Mega menu, and Mega menu with sidebar tools, merchants can promote target products to consumers and drive traffic to certain pages.


  1. Go to Shoplazzaadmin > Online Store > Themes, and click Customize to enter the theme editor.
  2. Click the Header tab on the sidebar to enter the editing section.
  3. Customize your settings, you may edit the texts or add the redirect links.
  4. Click Save draft or Publishon the top right corner of your screen to complete the setup.
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