How to set up mega menu at header for theme Geek?

Mega menu means your menu contains product information, which makes it easier for customers to navigate your online store product, and driven more traffic to the promoting product page. However, there are some rules need to be followed before you set the mega menu:

  • The trigger menu must contain multi level menu items. (Second level or third level)
  • The trigger menu must be first level menu item or second level menu item.
  • You already create collection in the admin.


1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Online store > Themes.

2. Navigate to the Geek theme, and click on Customize.

3. In the theme editor, click on the Header section on the sidebar.

4. Click on Add block.

5. Click on Mega menu and add it to your website header.

6. Set the mega menu content.


  • Once you set the mega menu, the sub menus under the mega menu will hide.
  • If you set the trigger menu to be the second level menu item, then all the second level menu item under the same first level menu item will hide.

7. Click Save draft or Publish to complete the setup.

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